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Paul Grangaard President and CEO

Paul Grangaard President and CEO
Limited Time Offer
Midnight Navy
Midnight Navy Strand and Cornwallis

When we launched our Midnight Navy collection we knew it would be popular but we did not anticipate that it would sell quite so well. We are currently sold out of the Strand and Cornwallis in Midnight Navy. Please check back soon for updates on when the Midnight Navy will set sail again.


"More than any other shoe, the Strand defines my years with Allen Edmonds. And I'm thrilled to see it nationwide on the feet of so many impressive men of all ages. Equally impressive with a suit or jeans, the Strand has become our new icon."


"The Cornwallis is also a game-changer. There are higher-end luxury touches on this shoe that are "firsts" for us and that really make it an incredible value. From the beveled arch, to the wheeled welt, to the sharp toe shape, to the sleek binding – the Cornwallis is "smart" in all its definitions."

Sea Island

"Made from what many consider to be the finest suede in the world, I suggest that the Sea Islands are the best summer barefoot shoes you'll ever own. I'm wearing my pair as I type this – sockless and with stone khakis. For the summer weekend or in a casual office, in long pants or shorts - equally great."


"I wore blue suede sneakers for most of my 20s, so I'm glad to see the look back in style. For me, wearing the blue Cheetahs is like the TV commercial for a certain car convertible – they remind me of who I was and who I still am. BTW, I currently get more nice comments from friends and strangers on this shoe than any other."

Renegade 2.0

"Look, when Jack Nicklaus tells you what shoe style he wants you to make – and then he makes a hole-in-one in the Par 3 Tournament wearing it – you love the shoe. What's more, I've gotten my own game back now wearing this style. The stability of a wider welt is unparalleled in a golf swing. I finally have balance again. Try them and see what I mean."