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Men's Style

Trends change and so should your attire. Here's how to make sure your look is always in style

Fashion Expert Ini Iyamba Discusses New Fall Apparel

The 2016 fall apparel collection has arrived and it's full of exciting new clothing.

Interview With Belt Designer Mark McNeill

Yes, they serve a function, but to Mark McNeill, designing a new men’s belt is all about getting the form just right. Take a look at the exciting styles he has designed for fall of 2016.

Men's Shoe styles for fall 2016

We sat down with members of the team involved in the design of our shoes to discover what's new for fall of 2016.

Heritage 34 Men's Denim Jeans Review

We put the 34 Heritage denim to the test and found out just how much style and comfort a little stretch can get you.

Designers Perspective: What's new for spring 2016

Our designers hunker down in their design bunker for months working in secret but now they are out and happy to let us in on the new styles for Spring, 2016.

The Belt Man Cometh

Shoes and belts, they go together like, well, shoes and belts. At Allen Edmonds we create our belts with the same attention to detail and quality craftsmanship that we put into every pair of shoes. Meet the man behind our belt designs.

From the ankle up, Allen Edmonds Apparel

Allen Edmonds began in 1922 as a shoe company but anyone who has followed our evolution knows that we also offer a line of clothing to match the quality and style of our shoes. Meet our style guru.