43 mm Sentry Watch by Luminox

$275.00 $206.25


43 mm Sentry Watch by Luminox, 0201BO Black Out 0200 Series, blockout

43 mm Sentry Watch by Luminox

$275.00 $206.25


Item# SF0201BO


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$275.00 $206.25

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Details & Overview

43 mm Sentry Watch by Luminox


  • Vintage-inspired cushion-shaped watch
  • Perfect timepiece for sporting and outdoor enthusiasts
  • Carbon reinforced PC
  • Rotating 1-way driver
  • Water resistant to 300 ft (100 m) and 10 ATM
  • Mineral, especially hardened
  • Analog display
  • Precise Swiss-quartz movement
  • Self-powered illumination system up to 25 years
  • Adjustable leather strap with steel brushed signature buckle, 22 mm
  • 43 mm dial
  • 14 mm case thickness
  • 22 mm band width
  • Fits wrist size 7.0" - 9.0"
  • Swiss Made


Like many other American success stories, Luminox came from a forward-thinking individual realizing a need in the market and meeting it. Barry Cohen, a watch industry veteran, came across a Swiss self-powered illumination system and knew that it would make watches more visible and easier to read in low or no light situations. He asked his friend Richard Timbo if he would like to join him. Luminox was born in 1989 (Lumi is Latin for light while Nox is Latin for night), driven by a commitment to offer cutting-edge luminescence and readability in its line of high-performance sports watches. Known as Essential Gear for outstanding men and elite forces and organizations, due to its "Always Visible" self-powered illumination technology that glows for up to 25 years, Luminox watches enable time to be read all the time, even in complete darkness.

Product Care

Care Instructions

  • Never wear your watch unless the crown (setting knob) is completely screwed down.
  • We recommend rinsing your watch and band with fresh water after exposure to salt water, chlorinated water, chemicals, soil loads or dust.
  • Never adjust crown when watch is wet or submerged in water.
  • Keep watch clean and free of debris. Use mild hand dish soap and warm water with a soft brush to clean, keep crown pushed in when cleaning.
  • Replace band if excessively worn.
  • For battery replacement, bring watch to a jeweler of professional watch service.
  • Do not expose your watch to intense magnetic fields and vibration such as loudspeaker and other electromagnetic devices.
  • When setting your watch, handle the crown gently as this is a precision device.
  • Do not subject your watch to severe impact, avoid dropping.
  • If watch is not in use for an extended time period, pull crown out, stopping second hand, to conserve battery life. Battery type is 371.
  • After setting the time, it is critical that the crown is screwed down. This starts watch and ensures water resistance.
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