Flight 1549

Stories from the Allen Edmonds Man

In my shoes: Volume 1 - Story 1

shiny Leather Shoes

Robert Moore

Greer, SC

About a minute or so into my flight home from a business trip in New York, I heard a loud bang come from one side of the plane. The plane began to shake, and then all the mechanics shut down creating an eerie silence.

Suddenly I heard Captain Sullenberger's voice over the PA, "Brace for impact," then the flight attendants began to chant, "Bend and brace. Bend and brace." Even though I was preparing for the worst, calm came over me as I prayed for my wife, my children, my grandchildren, and myself. In the brace position waiting for the inevitable, I stared at my Allen Edmonds thinking of all the places I had traveled and experienced in my life.

After the impact, I looked around and realized I had survived without much more than a few scratches and bruises. Immediately, the plane's doors opened and water began to stream down the aisle of the plane. By the time I got to the wing, the water was up to the top of my favorite pair of Allen Edmonds shoes. By the time the ferry arrived I was up to my waist in the frigid Hudson River.

When I returned home, I eventually found myself thinking about my ruined Allen Edmonds shoes and how disappointed I was that I would no longer be able to wear them. Despite the ordeal I had been through, I just want to say they were terrific shoes and thanks for all the wonderful years.

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