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In my shoes: Volume 1 - Story 3

Listen to your teacher

Joseph Allen Gerth

High School History Teacher

Cincinnati, OH

I'm a high school history teacher and my course load includes a class titled Global Studies. During the year we take a look at the local impact of globalization (jobs leaving the U.S.), as well as working conditions in the factories from which we get our clothing. After hearing, "It's just easier getting stuff from overseas" one too many times, I decided to put my money where my mouth is. Now I proudly wear my Allen Edmonds to class every day. Not only do I get a ton of compliments on my shoes, but my students also know I am wearing a product that is manufactured here in the United States of America. Hopefully, they will see the quality and follow my example now and in the future.

I learned a few things myself recently when I got married—important things about family, both the one you are born into and the one you choose. I learned about responsibility as a person, a man, and a husband. One of those lessons was the importance of a thought-out wardrobe that fits and complements a man, granting him confidence, respect, and bravado. I'm happy to say that Allen Edmonds is an irreplaceable part of that wardrobe.

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