34 Heritage Jeans Review-Not going Back

Patrick Sanders

Allen Edmonds

34 Heritage Jeans Review

I have been wearing the same brand of jeans ever since my mom bought me my first pair. I really never thought much about them. I know my size so well I didn't even have to try them on anymore. Yes they aren't the most comfortable pants in the world and they don't even look that great on me but what could I do? Jeans are jeans. Or at least that's what I thought. Then about a month ago I decided it was time to up my denim game so I bought myself a pair of 34 Heritage jeans. And just like that I have a new pair of favorite jeans.

Here's why I made the switch to 34 Heritage Jeans

First: The StyleThere really is no substitute for quality. The modern cut and ring spun cotton mean they hang on my waist and legs perfectly and the natural clean washes gives them a very on-trend look.

Second: The ComfortThe high quality, super soft cotton feels great from day one and never gets stiff or shrinks after a washing.

34 Heritage Jeans

Third: the pockets It seems minor but they are deeper and much more flexible/stretchy than those on my previous jeans. This means I have more room for my phone, pocket knife, gum, pens, notes, etc.

34 Heritage Pockets

Fourth: the belt LoopsThey're very cool and cover all the bases with thin loops for dress belts and larger loops for wider casual belts.

34 Heritage belt loops

Fifth: Contrast cuffs which look great if I decide to cuff my jeans

34 Heritage belt loops

Lastly: the Stretch My favorite part. They have an appropriate amount of stretch when I need it: bending, squatting, running, climbing stairs, jamming more than an average amount of contents into my pockets etc. Perfect for an active guy or a guy who's tired of tightness through the hips and seat in his jeans. No more shrinking waist band, no more discomfort.

I like it when I come across an innovation that actually improves my life. I won't be going back to my former jeans. I've seen, and worn the future of denim and it's the 34 Heritage.