Grey Fall Dress Shoe Trends & Fashion Tips

It's a hot color right now but do you know how to match grey shoes to your attire? Our style specialist tells us how.

Color is cool and one of the hottest of them all is grey. Maybe you've seen a pair of grey shoes and fallen in love with the look but can't quite figure out how to wear them. You're not alone. Many men don't know what colors go best with grey shoes. That's why we asked our style specialist Ini Iyamba to clear up our doubts about how to wear grey.

Allen Edmonds: There are a lot of shades of grey, how would you describe ours?

Ini Iyamba: More than anything else I would say it's rich and elegant. I absolutely love the way it's been burnished to be darker along the seams, perfing and on the toe. The contrast gives it a unique tone and a lot of depth of color.

Allen Edmonds: Who do you see wearing our grey shoes and what does that choice say about the wearer?

Ini Iyamba: I think the Allen Edmonds customers that choose our grey shoes will be those that are looking to add a bit of an edge to their otherwise classic appeal. They are men who like to have that option in their closet. As for the statement these shoes make, it says the person wearing them is confident and has a keen understanding of style.

Allen Edmonds: Do you think that grey and black are interchangeable?

Ini Iyamba: Basically grey and black can be interchanged. If your black shoes look good with a certain pair of pants then it is more than likely that the grey shoes will too.

Allen Edmonds: Let's play a game. I will name a piece of attire and you tell me if the grey shoes can be worn with it or not.

Allen Edmonds: Jeans?

Ini Iyamba: Yes these shoes look great with dark denim. It's a great casual yet elegant look especially when combined with the right sport coat. On the other hand if the jeans are light then the answer is no.

Grey shoes with jeans
Grey shoes with jeans

Allen Edmonds: Chinos?

Ini Iyamba: I wouldn't wear them with a classic khaki color. There is not enough contrast.

Grey shoes with chinos
Grey shoes with chinos

Allen Edmonds: Blue Suit?

Ini Iyamba: Yes definitely. Grey and blue are great complementary colors and these shoes look really cool with a dark blue suit.

Allen Edmonds: Grey Suit?

Ini Iyamba: No. This is where I think people might make a mistake by trying to match up the shoes to their pants. Trust me, don't do it, it won't work and you shouldn't try.

Allen Edmonds: Black Suit?

Ini Iyamba: Yes, without a doubt. I love this look. The black burnish of these shoes is a great complement to the black of the suit, yet they give the look a new twist. They almost look made for each other.