The year ofThe Sneaker

Dress shoes will always be core to our DNA, but as our weekday routines get more flexible and office style goes casual, we’ve developed a deeper appreciation for the sneaker.

Made with the exceptional leathers and quality construction that we put into all our footwear, these comfortably versatile designs—like our brand-new Alpha collection—are perfect for work, the weekend and whatever’s on your schedule.

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Redefining the Dress Code

Ever since WWII, cap-toe oxfords have been central to our footwear lineup. Including our best-selling Park Avenue and Strand dress shoes that were first released in the early 1980’s. Today that legacy of timeless American style lives on in our brand-new recraftable sneakers. Both combine the refined uppers and materials of those original designs with the innovative comfort of our FlyForm™ insoles.

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For more than nine decades our shoes have set the standard for impeccable style on the job. Now as the workplace is evolving, our footwear is too.

Styles withStaying Power

It’s not just the sleek looks of the Courtside sneaker that make it a durable classic. Like our Park Avenue and Strand sneakers, this smart essential is built with rubber cup soles that can be replaced and recrafted by our team of experts. Recrafting not only extends the lifespan of your favorite footwear, it’s also saved over 500,000 pairs of shoes from landfills over the last ten years.

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Wearing sneakers both on and off the clock calls for casual shoes that are a serious step up from your average gym footwear. Rich leather uppers and a streamlined design sensibility give our Burke collection a smart polish that works with everything from denim to tailoring.

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Make itYour Own

Take the reins and get creative with our customization program that lets you pick your uppers, select your sole and create your own, one-of-a-kind version of our Park Avenue, Strand or Courtside sneakers.

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Our experts will not only replace the soles on our Courtside, Park Avenue and Strand sneakers, they’ll also hand polish the uppers and add brand-new laces.

These advanced inserts are molded from a specially engineered foam that adds comfortable cushioning with every step.

Because our sneakers are made with the same elevated leathers used for all our footwear, you can polish and burnish them just like you would a dress shoe.

To ensure everyone can get the perfect fit, most of our styles come in a full range of sizes and widths all the way up to EEE.