Men's Shoes for Creative Professionals

Men's Shoes for Creative Professionals

As a creative talent you see things differently and have an esthetic sensibility that cannot be constrained by the rules that apply to business casual attire. And even though no one is telling you what to wear, it's nice to be able to look at your options and then make your own choice.

Recommended Shoes to Wear for a creative professionals

St. John's Double Monk Straps

St. John's Double Monk Strap

For those days when you've got a meeting with the "suits", the St. John's is a double monk strap with a dressier appeal. New in fall of 2016, it features exquisite perfing and pinking on the cap-toe that make it a great shoe to wear with dress pants or chinos.

Shop Dalton Boots


Whether you're a creative type just aspire to be one, a good boot is always welcome and the Dalton is a great one. This wingtip dress boot features perforations on the heel and wingtip that accentuate the boot's heartier features and make it the perfect complement to anything from dress pants to jeans.

Men's Tan Wingtip Shoe


The McTavish features contrast stitching and a split reverse welt that beautifully offsets the Chromexcel uppers and the shoe’s intricate pinking and perfing details. When worn with jeans or chinos, this is a closet staple that will stay relevant for years to come.

men's black chelsea boot

Tate Chelsea Boot

Perfect for business/casual settings, an after office get together or night on the town, the Tate Chelsea is versatile enough to wear throughout the day. Try it with a pair of slim jeans or chinos, with everything from a t-shirt and a sweater to a crisp button down shirt and sport coat.

Normandy Boot


Go old school with a boot that honors the greatest generation by recreating their stylish hard working footwear with modern materials such as distressed, soft kudu leather, vintage oil-infused outsoles, and keeping the boot unlined with natural edges. These boots have a look and feel so authentic you'll think they came straight out of your grandfather's closet.