Attention to Detail


If you come from Wisconsin, you learn pretty quickly about the sanctity of a handshake, the weight of keeping your word and the importance of being a reliable neighbor. So with nearly 100 years of doing business, we see our longevity as testament to our devotion to these core American values.

Our commitment to Allen Edmonds customers begins before our shoes are even made, thanks to the forethought we put into creating designs that will stand the test of time and our tireless efforts to use only first-class materials in our products. Once we do begin the manufacturing process, we rely on our skilled craftspeople, our time-tested construction methods and an unmatched attention to detail to ensure that nothing leaves our factory unless we deem it to be of the highest quality.

This dedication to excellence carries over to our stores, where the majority of our master-fitters have over a decade of experience, making them experts when it comes to helping you find that pair of Allen Edmonds that will feel like they were tailored especially for your feet.

Customer Service

Did you know you judge whether or not a shoe fits by how the ball of your foot feels across the width of the shoe and not by where your toes end up? Or how about the way a high in-step fits better with blucher styles versus balmorals? Well, our Master-Fitters do. And given the fact that we offer shoes in sizes from 6 to 16 in widths available from a AAA to a EEE as well as custom models, we are sure our people can help you find a pair of Allen Edmonds that gives you the style you want and fit you need.

And once you do pick up a pair of our shoes we will continue to give you the personal attention you deserve. Staying true to our roots, we've kept our representatives right here at home in Wisconsin where the phones are answered by real live humans. Crazy, right? In fact, our current group of service people have an average tenure of 16 years on the job, so that they can handle just about any question you have.

Is it the day before your wedding and you just realized you forgot to pack the right shoes? Need us to come in on a Tuesday to measure the feet of nearly 200 of the world's best golfers at your PGA event so that they can have their custom shoes and cedar shoe trees sitting in their lockers on Thursday morning? Want to have your late father's shoes recrafted so that you can continue to walk in his shoes? Believe it or not, we've met all these requests and countless others.

In this day and age, with so many companies turning over their customer service operations to automated computers or overseas call centers, why do we continue go to such lengths to care for our clientele? Because as manufacturers of premium mens footwear, accessories and cedar products, our number one priority is to deliver exceptional value to our customers every day. When all is said and done, we know our customers are the reason we've been around for so long.

Office Assistant

When all is said and done, we know our customers are the reason we've been around for so long.