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Do you have a rubber sole?

Looking for a non-slip dress shoe? For wet, sloppy conditions, here are your best options.

How to clean and protect winter boots

Learn how to clean and protect your leather boots from winter's snow slush and salt.

Lace your dress shoes with Style

There's more than one way to lace a shoe. Choose one that fits your personal with this selection of eight cool lacing techniques.

Why You Should Use Cedar Shoe Trees For Your Dress Shoes?

Simple, there's no better way to prolong the life of your shoes. Plus cedar's moisture absorbing quality and fresh scent also works great with hangers, closet organizers, gifts and more.

Caring for your shoes

Want to keep your shoes looking fresh out of the box and good looking for years to come? Follow these tips to keep them looking new.

All about lasts

Ever wonder how a shoe is made and what gives a shoe it particular shape? There's a reason a last is called the building block of a great shoe.

Glossary of terms

Are you wearing bluchers or balmorals, what exactly is a welt, how does perfing differ from pinking and where the heck is the midsole? Find out, learn all the terminology.