Eyewear With A Soul

When he took over the family eyewear business in 2010 after his father's passing, Scott, along with longtime business partner Jerry Wolowicz, realized that the timing was right to evolve the company. So they set out on a mission to learn how to bring the process of manufacturing high-quality frames back to America.

On a parallel path, Marc Frenchi and Jason Stanley had already begun their own quest to manufacture eyewear in the United States. The two cousins had even come so far as to teach themselves the craft - researching machinery and techniques from around the world - and building their own factory in Ventura, California. After a chance meeting, and an instant bond over shared goals and values, their impending partnership was obvious.

Alan J was born and bred from their passion of pursuing the American Dream and represents a union of like-minded ideas. But mostly, it’s about putting people first. “You have to care about people more than anything else,” says Scott. “We would literally get nowhere without our people.”

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