Shoelace Fit Chart

To find out the exact shoelace length your shoe needs, measure the original laces that came with your shoes. Then compare to the chart below.

Shoelace Type Eyelet Count Length Eyelet Size Shoes Styles
Small Round 2-3 21 in. Small Ex: Nomad Chukka
Small Round 2-3 27 in. Small  
Small Round 4-6 30 in. Small Ex: Park Avenue Oxford, Strand Oxford, Strandmok, McAllister, Delray, Fifth Avenue Oxford, Cornwallis Oxford, Walton, MacNeil, Wanderer
Medium Round 2-3 24 in. Medium Ex: Williamsburg Chukka, Kenilworth Derby
Medium Round 2-3 27 in. Medium Ex: Boulevard, Nomad Plain-Toe, Mackenna Derby, Alpine Derby
Medium Round 4-6 30 in. Medium  
Medium Round 4-6 33 in. Medium  
Large Round 4-6 30 in. Large  
Large Round 4-6 33 in. Large Ex: Hopkinson, Jefferson
Large Round 6-7 39 in. Large Ex: Voyager
Large Round 6-7 48 in. Large Ex: Dalton Boot, First Ave Boot
Flat 6-8 Eyelets/Hooks 47 in. Large Ex: Normandy Boot, Patton Boot
Flat 8-9 Eyelets/Hooks 48-55 in. Large Ex: Higgins Mill Boot, Landon Boot