Do you have a rubber sole?

If you are slipping and sliding on wet pavement, maybe your dress shoes need a little extra traction.

When the weather gets wet and sloppy you need a sole that keeps you upright and on-trend. Today's rubber soles offer all-weather traction, are more water resistant than leather soles, absorb impact better and are designed to look at home on a pair of welted dress shoes.

There are a lot of rubber soles on the market but only a few work with dress shoes. Some, like lug soles, are too bulky and look better on casual boots and others like crepe soles are too casual to put on a dress shoe. When it comes to rubber soles for dress shoes, these are your two best options:


Originally designed in 1910 by Harboro Rubber Company in the UK, Dainite soles are world renowned for providing all-day comfort and long-lasting grip in all types of weather. The famous studded pattern was designed so that the sole does not attract or store dirt. In bad weather this means less dirt and mud is tracked into the home or office. Famous for its all-weather grip, a Dainite sole is durable and long-lasting yet flexible enough to provide all-day comfort. When a shoe is constructed with a Dainite sole it has a slightly more robust silhouette. The sole is visible when the shoe is seen in profile, but thanks to its elegant design the shoe is still stylish enough to be worn for both dress and dress casual occasions.

Many of our popular styles such as the Dalton, McAllister, Strand and Strandmok are available in Dainite soles. See our Dainite Rubber Sole Collection.

V-tread / Combination Tap Sole

The V-tread / Combination Tap Sole is the discreet rubber sole option. It gives you all of the advantages of a rubber sole while retaining the look of a classic leather sole. Named for the wet-weather gripping V shape on the tread, these soles are actually made with a combination of leather and rubber. They feature a rubber heel and have a thin rubber forefront glued onto a leather sole. In profile the rubber tread is not noticeable and is only seen if the foot is lifted to show the bottom of the shoe. This is, therefore, the dressiest way to get the all-weather advantage of a rubber soled shoe.

The V-tread is available on many of our most popular dress shoes such as the Park Avenue, Strand, Delray and Liverpool.

V-tread rubber soles

Note: For a fee, most of our dress shoes can be ordered with either Dainite or V-tread soles by choosing the Custom Sole option when ordering.