Field Notes: Weatherproof Collection

Tackle the Elements with Confidence

You can count on always staying a step ahead of the forecast with our shoes and boots that are purpose built to keep your feet dry in rain, sleet, snow and whatever else the weather throws at you.

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The Construction

Our weatherproof footwear is built with a traditional storm welt that creates a durable seal between the uppers and midsole, preventing moisture from reaching your feet. Additionally, these designs are lined with a waterproof membrane that provides an extra layer of protection.

The Uppers

We work with the world’s top tanneries to source the very best in waterproof materials, including Chromexcel leather from Horween® in Chicago and specially treated suedes from Britain’s C.F. Stead tannery.

The Soles

When it comes to wet weather, we know that keeping your footing is just as important as staying dry. That’s why our styles are all outfitted with dependable, slip-resistant treads, like Dainite’s famously durable—and colorful—rubber soles or high-traction 
lug designs.

Protect All Your Footwear from the Weather

Saving any of your leather, suede or nubuck shoes from harmful moisture and spills is as easy as investing in our water protector. Just spray the uppers with our specially formulated solution to create a barrier against the elements.

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