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The signature, rounded toe shape of our 1757 boot last and a range of exceptional materials like waterproof Chromexcel leather have made the Higgins Mill one of our most in-demand styles. Matthew shows how to get even more from this best-selling essential by sharing brand-new ways to wear this classic style.

Want to know more about our boots? We’re here to help with a few frequently asked footwear questions.

Can you wear boots to work?

Today boots are definitely fair game for professional settings. They add just the right amount of durable functionality to a professional look. Styles like our Higgins Mill, Landon cap-toe, Dalton wingtip, Liverpool Chelsea, Hamilton oxford, Chapman wingtip and Lombard Chelsea are perfect for the workweek because they’re built with the same elevated, full-grain leathers and quality construction used for our iconic dress shoes.

What styles are considered classic boots?

We take care to design all our boots with a timeless, durable approach to American style. If you’re looking for a sharp, more dressed-up style, try one of our boots in ultra-refined calfskin leather like the Higgins Mill, Landon cap-toe, Dalton wingtip, Liverpool Chelsea, Hamilton oxford, Chapman wingtip or Lombard Chelsea. For a more casual, everyday option that’s just as timeless, start with the comfortable Park City, the weatherproof Patton cap-toe and Venture chukka or our eco-conscious Discovery collection.

What is a Goodyear welt?

We handcraft our shoes and boots on the 360° Goodyear Bench Welt, the most labor-intensive and time-consuming method for constructing a welt. This results in incredibly durable, comfortable and long-lasting footwear. A strip of leather, called the welt, is sewn around the full circumference of the uppers, forming a space under the insole that’s filled with cork and other innovative materials that will mold to your feet over time, creating a custom fit. The soles are then sewn directly to the welt, affixing them to the uppers. Not only does this make our styles sturdier and more supportive right out of the box, it also allows our experts to recraft our shoes and boots in the future, extending the lifespan of your favorite footwear.

What is recrafting and why is it important?

Shoes and boots built on our 360° Goodyear Bench Welt can be restored and rebuilt by our experts. Because the soles are attached to the welt, we can replace almost all the components of these styles while keeping the uppers and insoles intact. This means you can preserve your shoes’ unique fit and patina, while bringing them back to almost new condition. Not only does this process extend the lifespan of your footwear, it’s also saved more than 500,000 pairs of shoes from landfills over the last ten years.

Did you know?

Getting into an easy, five-minute care ritual at the end of your day is the best way to keep your footwear looking new. Apply our Speed Polish and then go over the shoes with a few passes of the Horsehair Dauber and Polishing Cloth. Think of it as a quick wax for your car that ensures you’ll need deep polishes less often.

How do you care for leather boots?

We believe a great pair of shoes or boots is always a solid long-term investment. To keep your favorite footwear in top form for years or even decades to comes, use our 4 Step Shoe Care Process and these essential products.

1. Clean

Start by applying Saddle Soap with a Cotton Flannel Polishing Cloth to remove stains and dirt from the uppers and bring up the leather’s natural oils.

2. Polish

Next, use a Horsehair Dauber to treat your footwear with Cream Polish which renews the color and luster of leather. Any time you want to achieve a truly glossy, high shine, you should instead apply Carnauba Wax Polish.

3. Dress

Restore the color and surface of the leather on the heels and soles using Heel Dressing.

4. Protect

Leather Lotion keeps uppers soft, supple and hydrated while a Horsehair Shine Brush is perfect for buffing your shoes to the desired shine. As a last step, spray on Water Protector to guard against harmful moisture and spills.

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Our boot Trees

Our men’s boot trees are made from real, Arkansas cedar, a material that absorbs odors and moisture that are harmful to footwear and helps your boots keep their shape. Boot trees are an essential tool for preventing the bending and cracking in the uppers that will occur during normal wear.

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