Classic Dress Revival: MacNeil 2.0
Original Style. Bolder Stance.
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Pick it Up a Notch
Great shoes deserve a great belt to complete your look.
Timeless Style. Flawless Craftsmanship.
Always in style. Always in step.
Road Warriors™ Comfort Technology
Designed for the road more traveled.
Ready for wherever the road takes you.
Refined Dress Collection
Tradition Meets Trend.
Made In the USA since 1922
This American story was crafted 93 years ago.
Legendary Craftsmanship
Before you take your first Step, We’ve Taken 212
Discover what goes into crafting a pair of Allen Edmonds shoes.
Everything old is new again
Your favorite, worn-in Allen Edmonds shoes can be restored to nearly-new with our Recrafting® service.