Lorenzo Martone,

Lorenzo Martone,

Entrepreneur. Founder. Cyclist


We have over 100 years of experience making shoes for your life's work. Lorenzo Martone founded his company on the idea that sustainability, fitness and personal style can all come together in bikes purpose built for commuting in urban environments. Together our collaboration reimagines our signature oxford as the Park Avenue Velo. A classic shoe reengineered with cycle-friendly features like a harness inspired by vintage track bike racing footwear, rubber soles for flexible grip on the pedals and a separate leather strap to prevent your pant leg from getting caught in the bike's chain. An icon handcrafted in Port Washington, Wisconsin and designed to take you from the city streets to the corner office.

Park Avenue Velo

Dark Chili - Dark Chili Harness

Park Avenue Velo

Walnut - Red Harness

Park Avenue Velo

Black - Silver Harness

What made you excited to work with us on a collaboration?

I’ve lived in New York for ten years and have always admired what Allen Edmonds 
stands for: a practical, elegant lifestyle. Your designs are similar to our bikes—impossible to ignore. So, when we met to discuss shoe design, it was a no-brainer. Our brands 
would co-create a timeless, sporty shoe using one of your most iconic styles: the Park Avenue oxford.

How would you describe your life’s work?

My grandparents were cyclists, and I got my very first bicycle when I was six years old. When I moved to Europe in my 20’s I always used bicycles in the streets of Madrid, Paris and London to get around. In my 30’s I was living in New York City, in a small, one-bedroom apartment in the West Village. A beautiful, red brick, pre-war building on Jane St. but it didn’t have a garage or bike storage. I was keeping my bicycle on top of my dining table. The inspiration came to design a sculptural bike, in brass, to mimic my mid-century, Danish furniture. The plan was to create a bicycle so beautiful it would integrate with the home decor. A true bridge between the worlds of cycling and fashion. Personally, I’m passionate about the commuter-bike lifestyle. Bikes are good for your health, and they are amazing for the environment. They are nostalgic and tend to bring back beautiful memories of our childhood. They are the future. The sustainability factor of biking fascinates me. It’s really a win-win. Bringing light into the biking industry is my legacy.

What makes something a classic?

I remember studying heritage brands and there was a huge persistence factor to their designs. Something only becomes a classic, or iconic, with repetition. I always gravitate towards that versus the trendy, of-the-moment thing. Take Porsches for instance, the design of their cars has kept its integrity for decades. It’s the repetition that makes it globally recognizable. While Allen Edmonds and Martone Cycling Co. are slightly younger brands, we both keep that in mind. Tweaking our classics to always push the brand forward but respecting our own DNA with a lot of discipline.

What is your go-to shoe style and why?

I love shoes. I think I have over 100 pairs. I tend to use a shoe to play with styling. I have worn sneakers with tuxedos on red carpets and I’ve worn distressed jeans with very classic tuxedo oxfords. I have fun with it and since I moved to the United States 16 years ago, I’ve embraced a sense of American freedom in my styling. I let myself break rules and mix and match styles. I’m a shoe lover. Oxfords and loafers would be on top of my list.

“Luxury products have to take you on a journey, and I think our shoe design—in its homage to the cycling world—does that. It’s beautifully made, and it has a wow-factor design component. A true new luxury item.”


- Lorenzo Martone