Allen Edmonds Recrafting

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Packages & Pricing

Standard Recrafting package at Allen Edmonds

Standard Package

Our most popular option. Complete recrafting of your Allen Edmonds shoes from toe to heel. Everything you need to breathe new life into your favorite pair.

  • New Outsoles
  • New Heels
  • New Cork Inlay
  • New Welting
  • New Laces
  • Refinished & Hand Polished Uppers

Standard Package Upgrades

Choose one or more optional upgrades with the purchase of a standard package
Standard Recrafting package at Allen Edmonds

Optional Prestige Upgrade

The complete restoration package for your Allen Edmonds shoes-includes everything in the Standard package plus valuable shoe care products to protect your investment.

cedar shoe trees, flannel bags, premium shoe polish
  • Standard Package
  • Cedar Shoe Trees
  • Flannel Shoe Bags
  • 1 Tube of Premium Polish

Optional Sole Conversion

Leather, rubber or a combination of both, when you send in your shoes for recrafting you can choose a new sole that best fits your lifestyle. Obsolete soles will be replaced with current soles.

  • Standard Package
  • The Sole of your Choice
single leather sole for men's dress shoe

Single Leather

Classic, business and dress sole that adds elegance to any shoe. The leather also gives the shoe a level of breathability.

double leather sole for men's dress shoe

Double Leather

Casual sole with vintage look. Hand distressed, highly waxed, firm and weather resistant with a rubber heel for added grip. (Not recommended for slip-on models.)

butyl leather sole for men's dress shoe

Butyl Leather

Oil infused for enhanced flexibility and added protection, making it suitable for wear in damp conditions.

red dainite rubber sole for men's dress shoe

Red Dainite Rubber

A stylish sole that is world renowned for providing all-day comfort and great grip in all types of weather. (Not available for handsewn & Italian Loafers.)

black dainite rubber sole for men's dress shoe

Black Dainite Rubber

A stylish sole that is world renowned for providing all-day comfort and great grip in all types of weather. (Not available for handsewn & Italian Loafers.)

V-tread sole for men's dress shoe


Classic dress profile with a flexible rubber forepart and rubber heel that provide enhanced traction for all weather wearing occasions.

orthello rubber sole for men's dress shoe

Othello Rubber

Casual, all-rubber sole designed to be extremely comfortable and to offer superior traction and all-weather performance. (Not eligible for heel replacement service.)

madison xl sole men's dress shoe

Madison XL

Lightweight sole with the look of a dress leather sole and comfort of rubber. Three times lighter than other materials with similar look and performance. (Not eligible for heel replacement service.)


Simple Tune-Ups

For when your shoes need a touch-up but don't need the full recrafting service.
new heels Recrafting package at Allen Edmonds

New Heels

Even this simple enhancement can make a huge difference in the longevity and feel of your Allen Edmonds shoes. (Orthello and Madison XL heels are not eligible.)

Refinishing Recrafting package at Allen Edmonds


Highlight the enduring quality of Allen Edmonds leather and enhance its appearance with our refinishing package.

New Heels and refinishing Recrafting package at Allen Edmonds

New Heels + Refinishing

Combines two of our most popular services. Worn heels will be replaced with new leather heel bases and rubber top lifts.


How to Get Started

Drop off at any Allen Edmonds store
For additional assistance email or call 877-495-5564.

Get Started Online

Step 1

Download the Order Form

Download the Recrafting Order Form, and follow the instructions. You must have Adobe Reader to print this form.

United States Order Form
International Order Form
Step 2

Create & Print a Shipping Label

Fill out our postage paid shipping label, print and apply the shipping label to the package. Only valid when shipping from a domestic US address.

Create Shipping Label
Step 3

Pack & Ship your Shoes

Ship your completed order form along with your shoes via UPS. To schedule a pick up or find a drop off location near you, contact 1-800-PICK-UPS. Depending on the Recrafting Package you select, you should have your Recrafted shoes within 4-6 weeks from receipt of shoes.

Recrafting FAQ's

Does Allen Edmonds recraft any brand of shoe?
No, Allen Edmonds only Recrafts Allen Edmonds brand shoes.
Are all Allen Edmonds shoes recraftable?
Due to the construction methods used, not all Allen Edmonds shoes are Recraftable. If you are unsure whether your shoes are Recraftable, contact Allen Edmonds Recrafting Customer Service at or 1-877-495-5564 (Mon-Fri 7:00AM-5PM CST), and they will be able to tell you whether the style of shoe you have is Recraftable or not.
Are the insoles of my shoes replaced during the recrafting process?
If your shoes were shipped with removable cushioned insoles, your shoes will be returned with a fresh pair. However, due to the way our shoes are constructed, many of our styles cannot have the insole replaced. Plus, by not replacing the insole, it preserves the unique imprint that your feet made in the shoes for a custom fit.
Can Allen Edmonds repair my shoes that have damage to the leather upper?
Allen Edmonds is unable to repair or replace sections of the shoes leather upper. If damage (i.e. cuts, deep scrapes, stains, torn leather, or “puppy chews”) is sustained to the upper, the damage is permanent. At this stage, we recommend investing in a new pair of Allen Edmonds.
I've already had a pair of shoes repaired by another Cobbler. Can they still be recrafted?
In some cases, prior work on Allen Edmonds shoes by other cobblers may prevent us from Recrafting a pair of shoes. Many cobblers are not capable of reconstructing our shoes as they are done in our own facilities. As a result, alternative methods of resoling are used by cobblers, such as stitching through the insoles, or driving nails through the insoles, and in many cases this prevents us from being able to disassemble the shoes.
How do I know if my shoes are too beat up to be recrafted?
Shoes with cracked or torn leather uppers, and shoes with cracked insoles, or worn through linings usually cannot be Recrafted. If you are unsure if your shoes can be Recrafted, call Allen Edmonds Recrafting Consumer Service or bring them to an Allen Edmonds Company-Owned Retail Store. A sales associate will be able to evaluate your shoes. Otherwise, send your shoes into the Recrafting department, and craftspeople will evaluate your shoes.
How should I ready my shoes for shipping?
You may wrap your shoes in tissue paper, if needed, but it is not necessary. DO NOT send shoes in the flannel bag as the flannel bag will not be returned. DO NOT send shoes in with shoe trees inserted as the shoe trees will not be returned.
What if I send my shoes in to be recrafted and they cannot be recrafted?
If for some reason we cannot Recraft your shoes, you will receive a call from the Recrafting Customer Service letting you know your shoes were rejected.
How do I know if my shoes were received by the Recrafting Department?
3 to 5 days after your shoes are delivered, we will send an email update letting you know your shoes have entered the Recrafting production system. Please allow extra time during busy periods.
When can I expect to receive my recrafted shoes?
When the shoes enter the repair system, you can expect your order to be completed in 4 weeks or less for complete Recrafting. Other packages are usually finished in 2 to 3 weeks. The timing can vary depending on order volume. Please contact Recrafting for current turnaround times.
Are the wrinkles removed during recrafting?
As your shoes are Recrafted, your leather uppers are re-stretched over the last. Due to this process, some of the wrinkles in the leather disappear. But the deeper wrinkles cannot be entirely removed.
How many times can I have a pair of shoes recrafted?
The longevity of the shoes all depends on how well cared for the shoes are. As long as the leather uppers and interior lining of the shoes are in good shape, chances are the shoe can be Recrafted. Generally, we can Recraft a pair of shoes about 2 or 3 times maximum.
Are the before and after photos and video of actual recrafted shoes?
Yes. No trick photography was used in any of the media on our website. While individual results may vary slightly, we are committed to making sure your shoes are shipped back to you in as-close-to-new condition as possible.
When generating the UPS shipping label, do I enter Allen Edmonds' address or my address?
Enter your complete return address, including a business name and/or suite number/apt number for the home address. This is the address the shoes will be returned to upon completion.
I'm sending from a residential address. What do I enter for Company Name?
The form is set up to accept either a commercial or residential address. If you are using a residential address, put your name in the company field and leave the contact name field blank. This is the address the shoes will be returned to upon completion.
What should I enter as the weight of the package?
The shipping weight is defaulted to 1 pound. The actual package weight will be determined by the carrier.
Can I have a different sole put on?
Yes, please call for options.
Can the color be changed?
No, the leather color is determined during the tanning process and enhanced with finishing. Anything used to alter the color of an existing shoe would likely wear off with use.
What happens if my shoes are damaged during the recrafting process?
In the rare case that your shoes are damaged by us during the recrafting process and they do not pass our quality inspection standards, we will offer you a replacement pair from our current collection of shoe styles. If your shoes hold a high degree of sentimental value, you may wish to forgo the recrafting process.