Introducing some of the passionate individuals who put their talent and expertise into building our shoes here in America.

Senior Footwear Designer

John Micheal


At our New York design studio, tradition and innovation come together in each collection. Both our own rich history and the creative spirit of the city inform how our team creates the latest styles carrying our legacy forward into the next century.

“We strive to create footwear at the highest level of quality, regardless of the end use or category. It’s imperative that we maintain the standards that the brand is known for by using premium materials, intricate finishing techniques and durable construction that’s built to last.”
—John Micheal


“Working as a designer, I have a responsibility to honor and add to the rich legacy that the brand has built. The world around us is constantly changing, and it is our duty to ensure that our consumer has the right shoes that will inspire him for every occasion.”
—John Micheal


Vice President of Manufacturing


Get a closer look at the remarkable people and materials that make our shoes pop.


Senior Manager of Production and Sustainability


Find out how making footwear is a family affair.


Director of Engineering


See our team in action as they operate some of our historic machinery.


Manager of Recrafting Department


Learn how our experts can rebuild your favorite footwear.