Fit & Comfort, Simplified

It’s true – some shoes fit your feet better than others. Why?
Every step of the process, from the leather down to the Last and Welt
influences how a shoe fits and feels.

image of lasts

It Starts with the Last

Lasts are solid foot-shaped forms that provide the shoemaker with a foundation for the shape of the shoe. By selecting shoes manufactured on the Last that most resembles the contours and nuances of your feet, you can enjoy a superior fit while enhancing the performance and comfort of your shoes.

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The Welt Brings it Together

A welt is a strip of leather sewn around the upper and insole of the shoe to which the outsole is then attached. At Allen Edmonds, we’ve taken the welt and created unique varieties that deliver different levels of comfort and performance.

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welted shoe
sole of a shoe

The Sole Completes Your Shoe

The sole, on the bottom of the shoe, is made of leather, rubber or a combination of the two. Each sole is designed for a specific style and level of performance. Once you understand the purpose of each sole, you can choose one that fits your look and level of traction you want.

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It Comes Down to Two

To make this easier to understand, we’ve grouped our shoes into two fit categories: Classic and Relaxed.

Classic Fit

Our Classic Fit is considered a “standard fit.” It’s designed to fit your foot snugly while providing all the comfort one expects from Allen Edmonds.

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Our Relaxed Fit is designed for those who prefer a bit more room in their footwear. It also easily accommodates a thicker sock.

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