Our Cordovan Collection is made with the World’s Finest Horween Shell Cordovan leather. Produced with a centuries old leather tanning process that uses the highest quality raw materials and takes up to six months to complete. The result is a durable leather with an extremely smooth finish and beautiful shine.

Cordovan Collection


Cordovan Leather Collection

Shell cordovan leather is famous for being one of the most sought-after shoemaking materials, but you might be asking yourself, “What is cordovan leather?” Cordovan leather is made from the extra dense rear section of horsehides. Because only the thickest, strongest section of the hide is used, cordovan leather is not only incredible durable and sturdy, but also very rare. How can you tell if leather is cordovan? Since it’s such a highly sought-after material, most makers will want to make it clear that they’re using shell cordovan leather. Our cordovan shoes are made from hides from Chicago’s famed Horween® tannery. Besides being thicker and denser than other leathers, cordovan also has a smoother, glossier finish that can be polished up to an impressive shine. How strong is shell cordovan leather? Historically the material has been used in everything from storage trunks to medieval shields and armor because it was so thick and durable. What color is shell cordovan leather? Because the material is harder to dye than traditional leather, you’ll most often see cordovan dress shoes in darker colors. Our men’s shell cordovan shoes range from the rich, traditional burgundy hue that most people associate with the material to a deep shade of black. We also offer many styles in brown and a warm, reddish brown Chili tone. How do you care for cordovan leather? The durable thickness of the material means it won’t crack over time like other leathers, but you should still use shoes trees and a regular maintenance routine to keep your footwear in top form and get the most wear out of them for years to come. Our cordovan cream polish is specially formulated to polish and protect cordovan footwear. After removing dirt and stain from your shoes’ uppers with our saddle soap, apply the polish with a horsehair dauber to restore the original shine and build up a surface finish that helps guard against moisture and spills.

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