Meet Dylan Reitz, Animator

What does work mean to you?


It’s about balance, and focus. In artmaking l try to walk a path between expressing myself and realizing an idea or project that’s separate from me and will stand on its own.


How do you dress for work?


When dressing for work, it’s all about the materials and versatility. I want to be comfortable both in the studio or making screen-based work.


What Makes something a classic?


I think a classic is something that can change and age well with you. Something that feels like home even as you become different versions of yourself.


What does a pair of boots say about a person's style?


Boots are a foundational piece of anyone’s style. They can tell you a lot about how someone sees themselves. One’s footwear can be a sneak peek into a person's values. What they’re prepared for or where they might prefer to be.


“My work highlights movement and materiality and joins traditional mediums like sculpture and papermaking with newer technologies such as physical computing and 3D modeling and animation.”


——Dylan Reitz, Animator


“I’m a Visual Artist and Creative Technologist.”


——Dylan Reitz, Animator