Meet Frank Monaco Jr, Boxer

What does work mean to you?


Work means going to bed early and waking up early before everyone. Doing your morning workout. Sleep and recovery are a part of work. Eating the right fuel for your body to power you through your training day. Getting rest before your second workout of the day. Going to bed early again and staying away from anything that’s going to take away from your ability to train the way you want to. “Time to go to work,” we always say before we spar or fight. It means throwing punches even if they’re not landing. Staying focused, locked into what you have to do and what the other fighter is doing. Picking up on his tendencies and rhythm. Forcing him to make adjustments while you implement what you want to do in the ring and break him down. Dictating the flow of the fight. If he’s throwing punches, it’s because I want him to. If he’s moving to left, it’s because I want him to. Controlling the fight and the exchange rate. My life’s work is always changing. I’m always setting new goals for myself. That’s how you evolve. My goal is to remain undefeated as a pro and become World Champion. I want to inspire people to believe they can do anything if they dedicate themselves, be disciplined, train smart and put in the hard work when it’s time.


What Makes something a classic?


A classic in boxing is a fight or fighter you can go back to and watch and learn from, or it’s a fight that was just very entertaining with a lot of action. Putting on a boxing clinic with the jab and beating a guy up like that for 12 rounds and not getting hit is classic. Mike Tyson’s style is a classic. A great fight between two fighters like Amanda Serrano and Katie Taylor like the one that just happened at Madison Square Garden this year past April is a classic, possibly the fight of the year.


What does a pair of boots say about a person's style?


It says a lot. Are they classy? Are they rugged? Are they about to kick someone’s butt with them? Are they about to work? Are they going hunting? Are they going out for dinner and a night on the town or are they just going for hike to see some beautiful sights. Whatever the style, I’m going to look great doing it.


“You’re always working in boxing, inside and outside the gym. It’s a lifestyle.”


—Frank Monaco Jr, Boxer


“I’m a world-class boxer and former WBC Amateur Middleweight Champion.”


—Frank Monaco Jr, Boxer