Meet Phineas Ellis,
Owner, Stereotype Studio

Tell us about your life's work.


My life's work is a series of different chapters in pursuit of self-alignment. A through line for my career is a willingness, or perhaps a compulsion, to take leaps toward a new professional identity. That pursuit is what inspires me.


How does your sense of pride inform what you do?


As a producer and storyteller of mostly other people's stories, I am trusted with the telling of something intensely personal. Pride helps hold me accountable to doing that story justice.


What do you want your legacy to be?


I want my legacy to be that I was an honest and ambitious collaborator who participated in a meaningful way in building many things.


What’s your take on classic style?


It’s seen in pieces unique to the individual. Whether a jacket, hat or pair of shoes, classic style is something synonymous to you, your look, your identity.


How would you describe the appeal of podcasts?


Podcast culture is the culture of unfiltered storytelling and information sharing. It’s become a critical component of our lives and livelihood. With podcasts, we’re able to have direct access to longform content in a world dominated by short clips and clickbait. I listen to many shows, constantly. A few of my favorites are The Madhappy Podcast, focused on conversations about mental health; The Field with Zoe Paliare that shares the stories of formerly incarnated people and 10 Minutes on Democracy, a weekly rundown of all things happening in American democracy. I’m always in search of new formats, talent, and information.


“I’m a facilitator and storyteller, helping others find their voice and story.”


—Phineas Ellis, Owner, Stereotype Studio, a podcast production company