Cordovan Trunk Show

Cordovan Trunk Show

Cordovan leather - Prized for its incredible durability and glossy smooth finish,

Horween Shell Cordovan Leather

Prized for its incredible durability and glossy smooth finish, this highly sought-after material is widely recognized as a hallmark of the very best footwear.

The lasting strength of Cordovan leather

Lasting Strength

Made from only the thickest sections of the hide, shell cordovan has an incredibly sturdy structure that won’t crack over time like traditional leathers.

The distinctive patina of cordovan leather

Distinctive Patina

The more you wear your shell cordovan footwear, the more it will develop a look and color that’s completely unique to you over time.

Rare colors

Rich Colors

Shell cordovan leather is famous for its smooth, high-gloss finish that gives it an ultra-refined look. Besides the typical dark shades, our trunk show includes extra rare, lighter colors that are especially difficult to produce.

Park Avenue oxford in cordovan leather

Park Avenue Oxford

Your forever dress shoe introduced in 1982.

Strand oxford in cordovan leather

Strand Oxford

The go-to brogue released in 1983.

Randolph Penny Loafer in cordovan leather

Randolph Penny Loafer

Our sleekest, most sophisticated slip-on since 1992.

Higgins Mill Boot in cordovan leather

Higgins Mill Boot

Designed in 2016 as the ultimate everyday essential.