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For truly sleek and sophisticated footwear, few styles can rival a pair of cap toe shoes. A cap toe oxford like our iconic Park Avenue is a certified classic that you’ll keep coming back to any time you want to dress your absolute best. Since our styles are also made with best-quality leathers from the world’s top tanneries and built by hand with a commitment to traditional craftsmanship, they’re perfect with wearing with everything from your most sophisticated suiting to everyday denim. A timeless cap toe shoe is a true essential everyone needs in their footwear collection.


What are cap toe shoes?

Cap toe shoes are a style of men's dress shoes characterized by a decorative layer of stitched leather on the toe cap. The "cap" refers to this additional piece of leather that covers the front portion of the shoe's toe area. It can be a separate piece of leather stitched onto the vamp or an extension of the vamp itself. The cap can have various styles, including a straight or slightly curved line across the toe or a wingtip design. 


Are cap toe shoes formal?

Cap toe shoes are generally considered more formal than plain toe shoes. The added embellishment of the toe cap lends a touch of elegance and sophistication, making them suitable for business and formal occasions. They are often chosen to complement suits, dress shirts, and other formal attire.


Can cap toe shoes be resoled?

Yes, cap toe shoes can typically be resoled, depending on their construction and condition. The ability to resole cap toe shoes primarily depends on the overall construction method used in their manufacturing. At Allen Edmonds, we offer our own refurbishing service, known as Recrafting, that restores your shoes and brings them back to life. 

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