Patrick Robinson and Allen Edmonds

Patrick Robinson,

Yogi. Designer. Optimist. Cook. Father.

@patrickrobinson @AwareMade

Patrick’s life’s work is a mission, philosophy and strategy. A believer in American artisanship and in creating opportunities in communities throughout our country. Committed to thoughtful designs, expertly made using responsibly sourced materials. Crafting products that are wearable and usable everywhere our lives may take us. That’s why we invited him into our series of limited-edition collaborations.

What would you like your legacy to be?

My legacy will be about creating solutions for exploring human potential and design’s ability to build public awareness. I want to awaken important change that edges us towards a more equitable, livable world.

What makes something a classic?

Comfort is the true test of a classic. For me this means no confining internal structures that restrict the body or the mind.

How would you describe your personal style?

My personal style can be summoned up in one word “Unconstrained”.

As a designer focused on creating effortless travel pieces, how would you pack for a quick weekend getaway?

First off, I would use a very small bag. When I need to think and unwind, I search out a beautiful island retreat. I’d pack a few pieces of ultra-light clothes that serve multiple functions from beach to dining. I’m all about beautiful, functionally luxurious, comfortable designs that pack easily, travel well, require no ironing and can be hand-washed and dried within an hour.

“Travel is a journey filled with lessons that can guide us to our true purpose in life. I believe the less you take on a trip the more freedom you will experience.”