Meet Daniel B Green, Musician

What does work mean to you?


The word “work” is possibly used more in a musician's language than in most other fields. Like all freelancers, “I got some work,” means you got a gig and are doing what you love and desire to do, completely as yourself. There’s no drudgery, and I hope everyone could define work this way. But musicians like to say "the band was really working" like a precise machine or tool. We also "work the room,” or "work the crowd." In this sense, Work means to excite, to provoke and to influence.


How do you dress for work?


Personally, when it comes to style there's no distinction between work and yourself because you always must look the part every time you leave the house!


What Makes something a classic?


To paraphrase Francis Ford Coppola, “Something is a classic when it withstands the test of time, but more importantly when it moves a genre forward.” He was talking about The Godfather. When you listen to Chuck Berry, his song lyrics still enthrall, and his rhythms still make people want to dance. That led to The Rolling Stones, Bruce Springsteen and so many other greats. Something is classic when it never fails to satisfy. That’s why there can be new classics.


What does a pair of boots say about a person's style?


I was born in Brooklyn to a blue-collar family. My father worked for the MTA and his father worked in New York City sanitation. Putting on your boots meant that you were serious about getting the work done. The boots I choose for hitting the stage literally help me become larger than life. Boots change your posture, the way you move, and boost your confidence!


“I’d simply like to be involved in a song or musical event that stands the test of time and becomes classic. As a new dad however, things are changing and my life's work is being a fantastic father to my son.”


—Daniel B Green, Musician


“I’m a Musician, a craftsman and a new dad.”


—Daniel B Green, Musician