Meet Dapo Davinci, Artist

What does work mean to you?


The word “work” to me means taking actions aligned with your truest self and purpose. Work has to be self-liberating and bring positivity to yourself and the world at large. I believe work is a huge part of humanity since the beginning of time. Then fast forwarding to 100 years ago, work is what has built legacy brands like Allen Edmonds. Work when aligned and purposeful is a truly beautiful thing and is more rewarding than anything.


How do you dress for work?


My work style is something I feel embodies my daily activities. It’s a blend of fashion and function with a touch of paint on almost everything.


What Makes something a classic?


How well that particular thing ages over time. A true classic must stand the test of time. I’m a huge fan of classic silhouettes of shoes and clothing cuts.


What does a pair of boots say about a person's style?


Everyone needs a solid boot in their closet. Boots say you’re confident, appreciate quality and are ready for anything!


“My life’s work is sharing ideas, problem-solving, education, and inspiring all through various mediums of conceptual contemporary art.”


—Dapo Davinci, Artist


“My life’s work is a purposeful commitment that’s made me who I am today and inspires the legacy I’m leaving behind.”


—Dapo Davinci, Artist


Tell us about your life's work.


My life work is art. I was born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria in a creative family. Drawing quickly and easily became my first love. Receiving various accolades as a child—including a trip to the United Kingdom at the age of nine—art is something I continued to do as I relocated to the United States with my family. My life’s work inspires me as I try to inspire the people around me and the world at large. As a conceptual artist, I come across a lot of great knowledge and get to meet a lot of different types of people, which is one of my favorite parts of what I do. The amount of discipline it takes to create great art should never be overlooked. The integrity and essence of the 10,000 plus hours we have invested into our life’s work can be applied to other ventures, creations, concepts, and ideas.


How does your sense of pride inform what you do?


By keeping me aligned with my Yoruba culture. I take great pride in being of Aboriginal descent and my work is heavily inspired by that heritage.


What do you want your legacy to be?


I want to be looked at as a Renaissance man. Someone who created on a global scale, bringing knowledge, peace, prosperity and consciousness to my people and beyond through a revival of the arts and creativity.


What’s your take on classic style?


I’m an avid believer in classic styles and cuts. My style is a bit of the past and present, culture and pop, functional and fitted to my day-to-day activities and life’s work.


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