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You might be wondering what are the benefits of lug soles. A lug sole is not only a great way to add traction to your favorite footwear, they also give boots and shoes a bold, utilitarian look. Let’s start by defining exactly what is lug traction footwear. Lug boots and lug sole shoes are styles with tread patterns specially designed to support and stabilize the foot while providing extra grip in rough terrain. Men’s lug sole shoes have a long history of use as outdoors and military footwear but styles like our men’s lug sole dress shoes also make an excellent choice for everyday wear. In addition to shoes, we offer a full range of other lug sole footwear including lug sole Chelsea boots.

Are lug soles comfortable? Our designs are, thanks to the durable yet lightweight rubber we use in their construction.
How do you wear lug shoes? That’s completely up to your personal style, but they work especially well with other pieces with a utilitarian history like military jackets, denim and flannel shirts.
Are lug soles good for snow? Absolutely. Because they provide added traction, they’re excellent in all weather conditions.

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