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Keeping your favorite footwear looking its best requires both regular maintenance with our shoe care products and protecting it from dust, scuffs and scratches between wear with our shoe bags. Our cotton blend shoe bag not only keeps the surface of the shoe free from air-born dust, it also ensures the uppers and soles don’t come into direct contact with other objects that would mar the surface finish. Using a shoe bag for travel is essential to ensure that your shoes don’t get damaged in transit. Items in your luggage will move and rub against each other when you’re on the go and travel shoe bags provide a soft, protective barrier against friction from other objects. At home, they’re also the best way to keep the finish of your footwear pristine when stored in your closet. If you want to keep your shoes, boots and sneakers always looking their best, shoe bags are an essential means of protection for every style in your collection.

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