Two factors have guided us from 1922 to 2022: our passion for making exceptional dress shoes and your commitment to wearing them.

We wouldn’t be here without you, so as we kick off our 100th anniversary this year, we wanted to put our enthusiasts at the center of the celebration. Introducing a collection of limited-edition styles created in collaboration with three of our outstanding Collectors.

MacNeil Wingtip in Black and Walnut

Get an in-depth look at the highly sought-after longwing derby that James Colon asked us to rerelease from our vault.

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Celebrating our iconic styles

Two of our best-selling, signature dress shoes as you’ve never seen them before: updated by our Collectors in exclusive colors and materials and available just for our 100-year anniversary.

Randolph Loafer

Trevor Rowley shares his appreciation for our signature slip-on with an exclusive style in a brand-new shade of calfskin leather

Strand Oxford

Rediscover our go-to brogue with this small-batch update featuring a subtly antiqued leather selected
 by Arian Gower.

We Hear You

Join Ashley and our three Collectors as they travel to Port Washington, Wisconsin for an open discussion about our footwear.

Building Shoes and Community

As part of our store team, Ashley shares her firsthand experience connecting with the remarkable individuals who share her dedication to our footwear.


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