Remastering Our Icons with Legacy Makers

These partnerships are founded on the belief that essentials made to last reign supreme and authenticity is vital.

Evelar Waxed Jacket

This update to the Evelar waxed cotton jacket includes a nod to our rich heritage with our tri-color flag on the side seam.

In 1894 John Barbour founded his company in South Shields, England with a focus on sturdy, functional “wet weather wear.” This season we’re proud to collaborate with this storied, family-owned maker on an exclusive version of our Higgins Mill boot and one of their celebrated jackets, each built with a commitment to incredibly durable materials and exceptional craftsmanship that both our brands share.

As two footwear makers that share a passion for creating, we invited Armando to work with our designers and create his version of our moto boo. 1/100 limited drop with 100& of the proceeds being donated to Armando’s philanthropic efforts to benefit the African community and important social justice causes.


Bringing his hand and ability to nuance the smallest details that transform a style from something amazing to astounding. Starting with our eco-friendly, vegetable-tanned leathers and chrome-free suedes, Armando added a harness strap and heavy buckle in addition to widening the tooth of the stitching and selecting a lighter thread color for additional contrast. Each detail is inspired by the authenticity and attitude of a traditional moto boot, juxtaposed with our modern silhouette. He developed two color options, each unique and distinctive. In snuff suede the boot has a more casual look, while in all-over black leather with a black sole, it instantly feels extra sleek.

Armando Cabral