Ensuring everyone gets the perfect fit has always been just as important to us as building our shoes with the best materials and craftsmanship. To accommodate all types of feet, we not only offer a full range of extended sizes and widths from 5 to 16 and 4A to EEE, we also handcraft our footwear on a wide selection of lasts. Lasts are foot-like forms that are used to give a style its distinctive shape. Our lasts are completely unique to us and represent the first step in picking a pair of shoes or boots that will feel like they were made just for you.



This is a variation on the 42 last. All characteristics are the same but there is a 3mm footbed allowance for the removable LightForm footbed featured in the Nomad collection. This would be classified as a relaxed fit.


An adaptation from our famous 65 last. While the 65 is our most popular, classic-fitting last, the 64 is slightly roomier across the ball and forepart of the foot, resulting in a more relaxed fit. It retains all the same defining characteristics of the 65 but is slightly longer for an updated and sophisticated spin on a classic.


Often known simply as the 5, this is our most popular, classic-fitting last. It’s also one of our longest with a sleek, narrow look that’s normally a good fit for those with high arches. Our best-selling Park Avenue is made on the 65 last.


Referred to as the 9 last, the 79 has a tapered back portion which allows for lower, shorter vamp designs creating a low fit across the top of the foot.


Simply called the 7, the 97 is the best fit for the average foot. It’s one of our early lasts, and has a soft, slightly pointed toe. It lays flatter in the toe area for a classic American look.


The 201 last has a higher cone, providing added room for high insteps. The toe down view has a fuller forefoot width for more comfort and a slight chisel to the toe profile that gives it a sleek aesthetic.


Often known more simply as the 1 last, it’s similar to the 7 from the heel to the ball of the foot, but with a more rounded, fuller-fitting toe. It’s used in many of our boots because of the added room in the toe box.


Most often labeled the 8 last, it has an elongated forepart, narrower fit and a tapered, flatter toe.


This last has extra room for an orthotic. It features a rounded toe for comfortable all-day wear and easy pairing with heavier, more casual athletic socks.


This last has a noticeably wider forepart for a fuller, more youthful appearance. The toe down view has a rounded profile for a fuller shape. The rounded toe and sleek profile make it perfect for boots and other casual silhouettes. It's an easy fitting last with an ideal shape for those looking for a versatile dress-casual look.


Similar to the 1757 last but designed with a slightly narrower toe used primarily for dress-casual shoes. It has a wider appearance in the forepart for a relaxed attitude. This last has a versatile look that you can dress up or down.


A refined dress shoe last with a soft, square toe shape that’s paired with a sculpted, longer forepart and higher cone as compared to our traditional lasts. This addition brings an updated look to our collection.


This last has the same look, feel, and fit as the 1943 but with a raised cone to accommodate taller boot heights.


A slip-on last that brings a fresh aesthetic to our refined dress shoe collection. It has a sleeker, more modern look as compared to traditional styles. A soft, rounded toe, full forepart and tapered back section give it an enhanced fit for a slip-on design.


A flatter last with a very low instep. Slightly roomier across the ball and forepart of the foot with a more relaxed fit.


Broad through the forepart with a soft, rounded toe, it’s a low profile last that has an elongated, relaxed look that can be dressed up or down. It allows for a relaxed fit but retains a nicely tailored look..


A relaxed fit with a 3mm footbed allowance allows you to remove our custom footbed and replace it with your choice of orthotics. It features a softly tapered toe with a slightly chiseled profile. Despite the more modern, relaxed fit and removable footbed, this last has a very classic look that will appeal to both existing and brand-new customers.


This was developed as a true boot last, with a wider forefoot for more room up front and a higher toe box for added volume and comfort.