We pride ourselves on offering handcrafted footwear for all walks of life. Find the perfect boots to fit your personal style as Matthew takes you through some of our most versatile designs.


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The elastic-sided footwear that we now know as Chelsea boots were first introduced in the 19th century by the British royal family’s bootmaker as an easy, slip-on style for her majesty, Queen Victoria, to wear when horseback riding and walking. The design later came to be known as a “Chelsea” boot in the 1960s when it gained a reputation as the favored footwear of the rockstars, artists and trendsetters that frequented the London neighborhood of the same name. That double history as both rugged, outdoorsy footwear and a sleek icon of the urban scene—plus, the style’s clean lines and streamlined profile—make the Chelsea one of the most versatile and instantly recognizable boot designs today. For an ultra-sleek style that channels the sharp look of mid-century Britain, there’s our Liverpool Chelsea boot. The Lombard heads in a western-inspired direction with the addition of brogue detailing, and if you’re looking for a smart, everyday boot that’s also sustainable, there’s our Discovery Chelsea that’s made with eco-conscious materials.


The word “chukka” refers to a period of play in a polo match, a term that was most likely coined by British sportsmen stationed in India who adapted it from the Hindi word chukkar which means “circle” or “turn.” That connection to the sport of polo has led some to believe the style was first worn as everyday footwear by players looking for an easier, more comfortable alternative to the high jodhpur boots used during matches. Whatever the exact origins, the style became widely popular after it was adopted as part of the British army’s uniform in North Africa during WWII. This tour of duty has also led some to refer to chukkas as “desert boots.” From the beginning, the lower ankle height and uncomplicated upper design of the men’s chukka boot have made it an adaptable essential that works both dressed up or down. Our Discovery chukka combines versatile style with sustainability in a design that’s built with eco-conscious materials like vegetable-tanned leather and suede. The weatherproof Venture boot is a rugged mainstay crafted with waterproof uppers and sealed seams to keep you dry. For extra comfortable, everyday wear, there’s our Cyrus boot that features soft, pliable suede uppers and a supportive ShockForm™ insole.




We take care to design all our boots with a timeless, durable approach to American style. If you’re looking for a sharp, more dressed-up style, try one of our boots in ultra-refined calfskin leather like the Higgins Mill, Landon cap-toe, Dalton wingtip, Liverpool Chelsea, Hamilton oxford, Chapman wingtip or Lombard Chelsea. For a more casual, everyday option that’s just as timeless, start with the comfortable Park City, the weatherproof Patton cap-toe and Venture chukka or our Discovery collection of eco-friendly shoes and boots.