A bold selection of colors, modern sole materials and intricate broguing make the Strandmok one of our most adaptable everyday designs. Matthew shows how you can stand out from the crowd with brand-new ways to wear this signature style.

Clean, sleek and always ready to add a sporty ease to your style, the court shoe is a certified classic. Matthew shows how our Courtside sneaker takes this style’s icon status one step further with elevated materials and a streamlined design that works casually, dressed up and every way you want to wear it.


Want to know more about our sneakers? We’re here to help with a few frequently asked footwear questions.




In the early 19th century, a growing need for comfortable, casual shoes that could be worn on both beach vacations and while playing sports led to the introduction of some of the first rubber-soled footwear. These styles were often referred to as “tennis shoes” because of their popular use for lawn tennis at the time. The invention of vulcanized rubber in the later part of the century resulted in sturdier, more durable shoe designs where the rubber sole was melded to the canvas upper. In the early 20th century, these styles started being referred to as “sneakers” because they produced almost no sound when walking as compared to leather soled shoes. Today, “tennis shoes” and “sneakers” can be used interchangeably to describe the comfortable, sport-inspired footwear that’s in all our closets.




Comfortable, versatile and perfect for a busy schedule, you not only can wear sneakers to the office, but they should also be a central part of your professional wardrobe. The key is to stick with styles that are both more sophisticated and classic than the average gym-ready footwear. Because we build our sneakers with the same elevated leathers and time-tested craftsmanship used for our dress shoes, styles like the Courtside, Alpha, Burke and Lightyear are perfect for office wear. Our Park Avenue and Strand sneakers are especially well-suited to the workweek because they combine refined upper designs inspired by two of our most iconic dress shoes with responsive rubber soles.