Legacy isn’t something we take lightly. Built over the last century and constantly refined for the next one, we know it’s something you need to live up to every day. Celebrated icons that have set the standard for sophistication for decades running. Innovative designs built for how we live and work now. The next generation of classics made with a steadfast commitment to our foundational values. Our life’s work is making shoes for your life’s work. Quality as the initial inspiration and ultimate goal behind everything we do this season and every season.

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My Life’s Work: Meet the Faces of our Spring Campaign

“ A nice, clean shoe will always look good. These are things that stand the test of time and make something a classic.”

Adonis Bosso,
Model, Artist, Musician + Dancer


What does work mean to you?

Work is what you put your energy into. Any action that you do, that you really put your energy, your will, your time into is work. It could be working on yourself, working on a project, working in the studio. Work is a combination of the things that we accomplish.


How do you dress for work?

I like to show off my style. Especially when I come to work, I like to show my personality. In the modeling industry you shine through your personality, so to dress for work I try to let my personality shine.


How does your sense of pride inform what you do?

Pride drives everything I do because I try to represent myself and my people in the best light. I try to always put myself in the best light so that I’m represented well, and people are proud of me in the way that I dress and the way that I talk and my actions. I try to do it with a lot of pride.

What would you like your legacy to be?

Love. I would love for my legacy to be love. I’m a very loving person and I give love around and if I could be remembered for that, that’s enough for me.


What does a pair of boots say about a man’s style?

It depends on the boot. Is it an outdoor Chelsea boot where you’re trying to make a statement or are you trying to be a lumberjack? I’m Canadian so boots are necessary for our day-to-day life. They’re a necessary accessory that you can outfit around your personality.


Do you have any additional thoughts on who you are beyond a model and father?

I’m just a creative. That’s the main thing I try to bring to the table through the way I dress, through my work, through music, through dance. Someone asked me one time, “What’s your passion?” and I said, “it’s creating.” I like to create things, beautiful images, beautiful movements, beautiful songs. Creating is my passion.

“ It’s that fresh suit you put on. You feel like that’s your best you in that moment. That to me is a classic.”

Raphael Diogo,
Model + Jiu-Jitsu Master


What does work mean to you?

Work means going out of your way to do something of your liking. It’s having the opportunity to do something you’re passionate about and really love. To be able to put your purpose into that.


How do you dress for work?

I love to come to work in sweatpants or just the whole sweatsuit honestly because I know I won’t be dressing in my own clothes during a shoot. I like to dress comfortable. I like to feel comfortable and be myself when I come to set.


How does your sense of pride inform what you do?

I’ve always tried to live with a sense of pride. It really shows in your work when you’re present, and you love what you do. That automatically makes my performance that must better. I love to bring that attitude every time I come to work.

What would you like your legacy to be?

I would like people to look at me and see me for who I really am. I’ve always been quite the respectful person and I take pride in the words that I speak and my actions. I want to be known as someone who was really a man of his word and a very honest and loyal person. To make the people around me happy and to give back to those who have helped me in any sort of way. To just spread my love because I was blessed to have been raised with a lot of love.


What does a pair of boots say about a man’s style?

I think everyone has their own personal style. Whether it’s boots, sneakers, whatever it may be. But boots bring an incredibly sophisticated look to your style. I think they’re a huge part of fashion today. They can tie into any kind of outfit you want to wear out into the world.