We’re committed to building our footwear with the finest materials from top to bottom. That means not only using exceptional leathers for the uppers but also working with suppliers from around the world to find the perfect soles. From the rugged and traction-heavy to the sleek and refined, these are the materials and makers that ensure our shoes and boots stand apart from the crowd.




Add a smart sophistication to your style, a crisp purposefulness to your step and an elongated elegance to your stride with these elevated soles. Traditionally they’re used for the most refined shoes including our classic dress styles. Tree barks and plant matter are used in the leather tanning process giving the material its distinctive light brown color.

The Look - Sharp, timeless and understated, it’s a natural fit for the oxfords, wingtips and bluchers you wear when you want to look your absolute best.

The Functionality - Leather has been used as a sole material for centuries because it’s both lightweight and pliable.



Our classic dress shoes feature single leather soles for a sleek, lower profile while more casual designs use double leather soles for a heftier, substantial look. We also offer soles that have been treated with butyl that makes the leather more flexible and helps to protect it from the elements.



This family-owned tannery has been producing what are widely recognized as the world’s finest leather soles for over 150 years. Using hides that are exclusively sourced from cattle raised in the Austrian Alps, the brand’s styles are prized for their dense thickness, warm color and water resistance. Most of our shell cordovan shoes and boots are all built with these remarkable soles.

The Look - The signature warm brown color of the soles is the result of a traditional pit dying process that uses bark from oak, spruce and mimosa trees and can take up to a year to complete.

The Functionality - The especially tight pore structure of the hides means the brand’s styles will last two to three times longer than standard leather soles.



Established in 1894, this storied British company has built an international reputation for its soles that combine smart style with hardworking performance. Because its patented rubber compound ensures durable comfort, we use these famously studded designs for everything from dress shoes to boots.

The Look - The soles retain the sleek, low-profile of dressed-up footwear while also spanning a full range of colors from bold shades of brick red to traditional matte black.

The Functionality - A proprietary stud pattern provides reliable traction and picks up less dirt than styles with deeper treads.



After struggling with subpar boots during difficult climbs, Italian mountaineer Vitale Bramani founded his own outdoor-focused company and invented the world’s first rubber lug style. Today the brand is renowned for its all-terrain designs that feature field-tested technology that can handle a full range of activities.

The Look - Substantial treads and lugs give the brand’s styles a distinctive silhouette and utilitarian attitude.

The Functionality - True to their alpine roots, these top-of-the-line soles deliver dependable grip and lightweight flexibility in all conditions.



These chunky lug soles were used on boots worn by the British armed forces in WWII. Today they’re still being made in Northamptonshire, England where they’re produced with a combination of both time-tested processes and the latest in laser cutting technology.

The Look - Deep tread patterns add a bold height and heft to your footwear’s profile and a rugged intrepidness to your look.

The Functionality - Durable and designed for reliable all-weather traction, they ensure you always stay on firm footing.



True to their name, these soles are both incredibly lightweight and flexible. Because they’re produced with innovative injection molding technology, they can also be made from a wide range of low-density materials including the recycled content that’s used for the styles in our sustainable Discovery collection.

The Look - A cutting-edge manufacturing process allows for a full selection of colors and textures like the speckled styles that are a visual nod to the recycled materials featured in the Discovery collection.

The Functionality - Combining traditional lugs with a light yet supportive structure, they’re the latest in adaptable comfort.